“I was overwhelmed by all the good information. You guys are the best!”  -Kay L, Texas
“... personable to each and every one of us. All teachers and guest teachers made a point to make every attendee feel special.”  -Andrea Z, Minnesota

“I loved the enthusiasm ...energy ...content ...nurturing environment ... circle time, especially the drumming. I have even already bought myself a djembe! ...already implemented some of what I learned ...great resource to piano teachers!”  -Marilyn L, Colorado


“I haven't found ANYTHING that encourages me more, gives me more serious tools for growth, or helps me climb outside the box more than these workshops!  This type of teaching resonates in "musical soul." It just clicks and ...gives me the courage to step up and DO IT!”  Thank you!!!"
  -Diana B, Missouri

"The Viss/Sowash partnership works well. Leila's hints and tips are for immediate use with students, clear and accessible, Bradley's is more about my own education and beyond. Awesome skill, clear explanations. Learnt heaps about what I’d been guessing for years.”



“ ...worth the time and money, and I'm really glad to have made new friends and connections ...being in a room with so many like minded people sharing ideas and putting things I'd read into practice. Picking the brains of those who are doing things I want to do is priceless.”  -Sharon H, Virginia  


“I am sure my family is very tired of hearing about it!! ...so respectful of learning styles and making room for mistakes without ridicule. At my age the temptation arises to just do what I have always done, but I am proud of myself for trying to keep up with the changing times and to stay relevant. You all are making it much easier.”  -Louann F, California


“Lots of information ...It was really nice to feel comfortable and not be afraid to ask a question or make a comment. I'm very glad I attended and I am already reaping the benefits in my confidence and my new toolbox of ideas.”  -Jolene T, Idaho

Amy Watt.jpg

“... an amazing workshop full of creative ideas. I appreciate the openness of teachers sharing their tips and failures so that other teachers can be better at what they do.”  -Amy W, Colorado

Marie L.jpg

“I come away with ideas I can use that day in my classes along with more advanced projects I'd like to do to grow my own skills.”  -Marie L, NV


“...helpful and relevant help for teachers. I have used many of the ideas I’ve learned with my own students.”


“WOW! This webinar discussed just what I wanted to learn.” 


“Thank you so much. It was enjoyable, informative, and inspiring!”  -Gayle T. Pennsylvania

"Finally an educator who offered just enough to make it exciting and interesting but not enough to overwhelm." - Sally

“Your enthusiasm for teaching and learning was contagious. I came back home with new ideas and renewed energy for my students.”   -Debbie M, California


“It brings tears to my eyes ...the first time in 25 years of teaching piano that I felt like I "fit" with other musicians. Thank you ...for sharing your expertise with us but for also affirming our experiences as fellow musicians. My belief is that there's more than one way to make music and when we collaborate together what a beautiful sound we offer the world.”  -MaryAnn B - Minnesota


“...I am encouraged as a teacher and look forward to guiding my students more purposefully in creating music of their own at the piano.”  -Laurie S

“ ...continually providing us teachers with wonderful and inspiring ideas ...Thanks to the last great class about composing I decided to take the plunge and have all of my students working on their own compositions ...they were all pretty psyched I think! I feel I’m wading into some definitely unfamiliar waters ...but it’s great”. - Karen J, Colorado
Karen Jannsen.jpg

"Bradley and Leila give clear direction in the workshop without making the classically trained teacher feel like we somehow missed the boat. Instead of walking away from a workshop on improvisation frustrated, I left ready to meet the challenge. I hope you are able to attend one of Leila and Bradley’s workshops. It is certainly worth the time and expense." –Jodie


"...It's definitely going to revolutionize my teaching style and it opens a door to a whole new world of music and a new way of looking at and teaching music theory and history."


“I loved your webinar!!! ...there was so much more than I expected to get from the usual webinar...revolutionized my teaching style and it opens a door to a whole new world of music and a new way of looking at and teaching music theory and history.” -Rachel W, Colorado


"The meals at the workshop venue made it so much better! ...stress free, plus the added benefit of conversation over meals and the glorious food!” - Lindsay D, California

“...dynamic learning experience that is super fun! “  -Cindy G - Nebraska
“...always lots of quality stuff and well done."  -Pam S -  Colorado
"Thank you very much for your valuable and logical input."