Be Cool and Play the 12-Bar Blues & Lead Sheet Challenge Bundle (PDF)

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Be Cool and Play the 12-Bar Blues & Lead Sheet Challenge Bundle (PDF)


Be Cool and play the 12-Bar Blues

Step-by-step instructions on how to teach the 12-Bar Blues to beginners through early intermediate levels. It's a breakdown of this standard form into manageable parts so that creative success happens early and often.

Lead Sheet Challenge

Students to learn and demonstrate practical skills used by professional gigging pianists. Select from two sets of 10 levels of lead sheets (20 total!), each with sample stock accompaniment styles, improvisation tips, and fully-notated teacher realizations. Then, test their skills by playing both Learned and On-the-spot lead sheets in a friendly competition.

Download includes a studio license authorizing you to copy or print up to 25 copies of Lead Sheet Challenge as needed for current students taught in real time exclusively by an individual teacher. Additional teachers in multi-teacher organizations or associations are required to purchase this product individually.

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