Be Cool and Play the 12-Bar Blues - Leila Viss (PDF)

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Be Cool-12-bar-blues mockup.png

Be Cool and Play the 12-Bar Blues - Leila Viss (PDF)


Everything you need to teach beginning Blues.

Step-by-step instructions on how to teach the 12-Bar Blues to beginners through early intermediate levels. It's a breakdown of this standard form into manageable parts so that creative success happens early and often.

Three resources in one!
Includes a Lesson Grid book, an eBook with video examples, and notated examples.

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For instructions on how to access the eBook with videos, see page 3 on Lesson Grid.
To watch the video of the ebook, follow the link and enter the password on page 3 of the Lesson Grid
The e-book itself is a large file and is stored in Dropbox. Once you tap on the link it will take you to a screen like this.

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This can be bypassed with the "No thanks, continue to view.”