2017-18 Online Clinic Schedule

September 25 – Chords at Work
Learn teaching strategies and exercises to help you move students from merely constructing chords to being able to recognize and play any chord progression. 

November 13 – Under the Hood of Baroque Classics
Discover how to streamline learning, enhance sight reading, and improve memorization of popular student-level Baroque literature through analysis and improvisation.

January 22 – Rhythm that Rocks
Cultivate your students’ sense of time through bucket drumming and rhythm boxes. Then learn simple, but effective rock, jazz, and Latin drum patterns you can play while teaching.

March 5 – Creative Collaboration
Cultivate creativity in your studio with lesson plans and prompts to get your students composing, arranging, and songwriting. Presenters: Leila Viss, Bradley Sowash, and a special guest to be announced!

April 23 – Magic Improv Pyramid
Steps to improvisation for the recovering classical pianist.

June (date TBA) – Meet our summer workshop guest teacher – Free!
Enjoy a free webinar workshop with the guest teacher for the 88 Creative Keys 2018 summer workshop.
Presenters: Leila Viss, Bradley Sowash, and a special guest to be announced